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Fireflies Decorating In Yoville

Many people in YoVille are continually searching for different items and techniques to decorate with. They want to make their rooms unique and love to show off their creations to all of their friends.

If you would love to find out how to create different shapes, lettering, and objects with the fabulous fireflies from the Enchanted line in YoVille, then here is your guide! I will explain step by step and will include pictures for examples in order to help you accomplish this. I’m sure that after this detailed article you will be making anything you want with these awesome fireflies. How about we get started?

First off, you should begin by buying around 20 fireflies to get you started. Head over to the Furniture Store and click on the category called Enchanted Lands. Once you click on that you will then need to go to the last section that is called Enchanted. When you get there, scroll through till you find the fireflies and purchase 20. (Depending on what shape or thing you plan on creating determines how many you may need.)

Best way on working with these, is to be in a room where you have plenty of space to work with. You will need to save these lovely fireflies in a room so that they aren’t going all crazy like they are when you first buy them. Now, this does take a lot of patience and you may need some practice before getting it just right.

You will need to start out by taking one group of fireflies and put it where you want it. After that is placed you will need to start making your shape or whatever you plan on making with them. You will need to concentrate on just one of the larger dot colors. Line the same color up when making your design. You can concentrate on either the purple, blue, or large green dot to make the shape. Some colors are better for people to concentrate on like the color I tend to concentrate on the most is green but a different color might be better for you. Now that I have the basics of what needs to be done I will now show you step by step including pictures.

I find it best to have all of my fireflies in one spot of the room and as need be get one. It makes it much easier to create the letter, shape, or what you plan on creating. This may or may not be what is best for you.

Now it is time for you to place your first firefly. In this demonstration I will be making the letter T to show everyone the steps in making something with these beautiful flying colors.

Now with the second group of fireflies you will need to concentrate in order to line them up the way you want. Keep a close eye on the first one you have just placed whichever color you decide and on the second group of fireflies you are fixing to drag down to the first set. Make sure to line up your color you have chosen to concentrate on.

You have the second one placed. You need to continue doing this to complete your fireflies project. If you have forgotten which way you have your fireflies turned, you can always start all over again if need be. Keep lining up the colors and you should be fine.

If you have problems lining them up at first you can use a store bought door and use it as an outline. Take it away later and you can get the hang of things that way. That’s about all there is to know about decorating with those fireflies. Enjoy and have fun!

Decorating in Black Spaces

Has there ever been a time for you while decorating in YoVille that you find a perfect spot for an item but, when you go to place it there you can’t? Well, today is your lucky day because there is a way around that. These step-by-step instructions will show you how you can put items in the black on walls or pretty much anywhere that you want them. This works differently in IE and Firefox, so I will tell you both ways.

This can be time consuming and takes a lot of patience to get it just right. You have to align your mouse up just right or it will end up not going exactly where you want it.

For IE, say you were wanting to put a pillar in the black area, you would need to have the item already bought and in your inventory. You would need to left click on the item as you would be dragging it out but you just make the item hover over where it was
when you clicked on it.

The next part you will need to hold down the left button while you right click. A box will appear don’t mess with that, now you will need to left click where you want your item.

For Firefox it works almost exactly the same except for what button you use on your mouse to let go of the item where you want it. Instead of using the left click to put your item where you want it. You would use your right click on your mouse.

While these items are in the black if you move them they will go right back to your inventory. You would then have to start all over again if you didn’t save. If you need to rotate your item you may do so, just be careful that you don’t accidentally move it. Now you should be ready to start decorating and putting items where you want them. Have fun!



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